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Nugget:  anything of great value and significance



~The Blessings of Being Open~


Job 36:10 

He openeth also their ear to discipline, and commandeth that they return from iniquity.


Open: allowing access; not closed or blocked off.


Discipline: train to obey rules or a code of behavior.


God desires to bless you. It doesn't get any plainer than that but, He is not going to make you take receive it.


How do you expect to gain anything if you are not open. There are so many transitions in your life that cause you to have to be open. It started before you were even born. In order for you to be conceived something had to be opened, in order for you to be delivered from your mothers womb something had to be open. Before you could see the world, you had to open your eyes. Before you could be considered alive, you had to open your mouth and allow your lungs to be filled with air. Before you could learn to do anything, stand , crawl , walk, eat, or learn; you my dear had to be open. God designed His creation to be receivers. Not just receivers of just any random thing but, receivers of  those things that will cause His glory to shine and manifest through you.


All to often I have heard people complain about things that they haven't received yet and just as often as I have heard the complaint, I have heard the blame being shifted to God. It is never Gods fault you have not received. God is a loving Father and He like any loving Father standings ready and willing to give. Two particular text in the Word of God talk about Giving gifts:



If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him?


Luke 11:13

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children: how much more shall your heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to them that ask him?


Both scriptures  read so similar but, Matthews account mentions good things being given and Luke gets more specific by stating that the Holy Spirit is the gift that is given.  


Gods desire is to release  the goods of the kingdom into trust worthy hands.

The reason most individuals miss the release is not having an open ear to instruction. Instructions are directions. Instructions keep us from wandering aimlessly through life hoping for good things to happen to us. Being open to be instructed means that one has given up that self consciousness of not having all of the answers and allows him or her to put on a God conscience.  Who better to keep you God conscience than the most precious of all gifts given; the Holy Spirit. He will lead and guide you through all of Gods instruction. The Holy Sprit knows the mind of God concerning you. 


Romans 8:27 says:

And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.


If you are willing and open to follow  He will lead you to the promises of God.  When a person is God conscience he or she has disciplined all of his or her physical and mental faculties to be aware of Gods plans, God's instructions to get him or her to were He has already seen me to be. 


Aren't you tired of the restrictions of being closed?

Aren't you tired of the boundaries that you keep putting on yourself and your God?

Aren't you tired of trying to budget just to make sure that you have enough to do one thing instead of all the things God has planned for your life.


God has made big plans for His people and He will not be satisfied till He has givens you the Kingdom.


Command the earth that you abide in to be as the heaven that you believe in. God is ready to give you what you are requesting but, you have got to be open.

Apostle Nyjah Newton

La  iness




Proverbs 13:4
The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing:

but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.

I have realized one thing among many that God opens up His secret treasures to an individual that is diligent in laying aside his personal will and agenda.


The word diligent is defined as having or showing care and conscientiousness in ones work or duties. Diligence is not accidentally acquired, it a characteristic that requires Care and Conscientiousness.

To be diligent you can not be mentally lazy or physically lazy. Both your mind and your body must be on one accord to get something accomplished. Remember the scripture that says " No man that puts his hand to the plough and looks back is not fit for the kingdom

(Luke 6:52). Diligence requires a fitness of focus.

The sluggard in a person will have him or her moving but, not fulfilling any of his or her God given assignment. People do it everyday when they perform activities that they know have nothing to do with the original purpose of God. Most people who do this complain about what God hasn't done without realizing that they have gotten caught up in just trying to make it from day to day; this is not living or Godly diligence ,it Is survival. Survival is generally only necessary when unforeseen circumstances have put a person in a place where, if they do not do something drastic, they may not live.


Does anyone remember Tom Hanks in Castaway? Now that was survival at its finest. Tom Hanks did an excellent job fulling the role of someone who was alone, hopeless, and destitute of human existence but, he refused to die because there was something that reminded of life.

Individuals now treat the life they are living like they are on a deserted island and they have to go through desperate measures to live but, the reality is they have not recognized the real life that God has all around them. Going to work to make a check that won't pay your bills is not drastic. Taking out loans to get yourself out of debt is not drastic. Pawning items you have worked hard to acquire is not drastic. That is survival without promise of anything better ahead.

But our God did not call you to be in survival mode or sit in the stands and watch others succeed and achieve but, He called you. All to often we watch others do great things and love what they do but, when it comes to us doing the same thing or something greater, there is not enough effort put into it. That my dear is being lazy. Most people aren't willing to verbally admit it but, they are secretly lazy about something that God has given them to do.

God doesn't give ideas to lazy people, so if God has given you anything that means you have the capacity to fulfill what he has given;you just haven't tapped into it yet.

So what are you gonna do about it? God wants to make your soul fat with his plan for you. God wants to get what He has for you to you!

God is ready to enlarge Everything about you! 

He is not going to make you receive or beg you to bless you,He just needs You to believe in Him, Your ability to obey and the promise ahead with every fiber of your being. Get out of laziness and Get into Diligence.These are the things that bring the promise of God to manifestation.

Apostle Nyjah Newton


1 Thessalonians 5:17 

"Pray Without Ceasing."

Persistence, Patience & Prayer

Prayer Is Communication Between God and His People

tThessalonians 5:17 "Pray without ceasing."


Read: Luke 18:1-8

Prayer is communication between God and His people!


As a matter of fact Luke 18:1 says, "And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;" 

These words were the introduction to a parable( earthly story with a heavenly message) about a PERSISTENT WOMAN troubling an unjust judge repeatedly to be avenged from someone that was an enemy.  


Although the Judge Was Unjust He did not pardon her  because he was having a moment of tenderheartedness, he did so for TWO REASONS :

1) Because of Her "PERSISTENCE" 

2) So She Would Stop Telling Him About The Same Matter!


I am certain that the unjust judge gave the woman several reasons verbally not to continue bothering him but, she knew that he was the only one that could release her.Despite his possible responses to her, she didn't allow the communication with him to become fuzzy because she needed a Deliverance.


When I think of a fuzzy, my mind goes to all the times, I have ridden in the car. I reach to adjust my radio to hear a song or the news  for my enjoyment but, I cannot hear it clearly because of the static. I am not an expert about how radio frequencies travel but, I have noticed that the static only happens when the station that I am trying to pick up is out of range. 

Is that how you feel when you sometimes begin to pray?  

Do you feel like you are out of range?

Do feel like like God is out of range?

Feeling out of range in prayer can only mean one thing. . .

That the frequency of your prayer needs to change. Frequency in the sense of how often you pray ( persistence) and frequency in the sense of your sound needs to heighten. One definition of frequency is the particular waveband at which a radio station or other system broadcasts or transmits signals.

Your prayers act as waves that go out into the atmosphere.

*The more you pray the greater signal of transmission that you have but, if you rarely pray then your signal to God is weak. God always hears us when we are talking to him,as a matter of fact Psalms 34:15 says "The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous,and his ears are open unto their cry." So we find out that God is not the one that gets out of range, we do. The cares of life often bombard us to the point of blocking God from the picture.

Jeremiah 23:23 asks a very quintessential question, Am I a God at hand, saith the Lord, and not a God afar off? The question itself almost reads sarcastically and the true answer to it is obvious to those who have a real relationship with God. God only feels far away in prayer when there is no real passion or persistence put into the praying.

The parable in Luke 18 is revealed the more by Jesus explaining to the disciples that if the unjust judge was merciful enough to extend pardon to this woman then image what a God would do for His children whom He loves.

         The key to getting God to respond to you in prayer is to remember that being able to communicate with God is a privilege and that He loves persistence.

Apostle Nyjah Newton

Cure For The Common 


        ISAIAH 46:12 (NIV) Listen to me, you stubborn-hearted, you who are now far from my righteousness.         

Have you ever heard the old saying the "Cure for the Common Cold"?

If you were to Google that phrase right now the search engine would pull up so  many different remedies for ways to get rid of the common cold. Some approaches would be medicinal some would be home remedies, some would be linked to a series of studies conducted by great scholars and some would be linked to trial and error by some one that is not so scholarly at all but, in each one there is one universal strand for ending this thing that seems to affect all. What is it that people are searching for when they suffer from this thing that is common to all? The answer is Relief. Relief is defined as a feeling of reassurance and relaxation following release from anxiety or stress. Simply put most people just want to know that it is going to get better.

In all of my years of existing, I have noticed that there is something even more common than a cold among people. It is stubbornness. Stubbornness is one character flaw that fights the body from receiving because it is rooted just as a cold can be. I don't know of any studies done to determine how many people stubbornness affects but, I do know from countless years of dealing with people in and out of church that stubbornness  can affect the young, the old, the healthy,and even the most docile of individuals.


The Word stubborn is listed in the scripture 7 times, 5 in its root and two as a condition.  According to the Word of God, the characteristics of .


Stubborn Individuals Are: 

~Rebellious ( showing a desire to resist authority/ engaged in opposition) Deuteronomy 21:18,20

~Disobedient to the voice of father and mother even after correction

~ Glutton ( excessively greedy eater) Judges 21:9

~ Drunkard ( a person who is habitually a drunk)Psalms 78:8

~ Easily yield to other gods. Proverbs 7:11 

~ Can't stop doing their own thing

~ A spirit that is not stedfast( firm in purpose/ unwavering) with God

~ Feet not abiding in an established place.

Oh my, stubborn people according to the Word of God sound so awful but, if you are able to associate with even a half of one of these you have a bit of stubbornness dwelling in you. How so you might be thinking? Have you ever been disagreeable with Godly leadership after a word of life was given to you? Have you ever said within yourself I am going to do it anyway after being given Godly counsel? Have you over indulged in your own way of thinking and feeling because you thought it was normal or right? Are your actions all over the place because you are so absorbed with what is happening with you? Then you my dear may be stubborn. Stubbornness left untreated can turn into a condition. When a person is said to have a condition, that means that it has been working on him or her for a while and it has finally manifested into something more dangerous. For example a person who is said to have a heart condition;that just didn't happen all of a sudden,something was already secretly at work. This condition of stubbornness  can have you labeled as one who can not be brought into promise, hated by God, full of sin, or even rejected from walking in a full place of authority ( Deuteronomy 9:27, 1 Samuel 15:23).Just like the common cold, stubbornness must be treated to the point of deliverance.

Following are a few helpful words of wisdom that will help you Relieve yourself from this Common character snare:

*Deliverance from stubbornness is to simple,cut it off at the root. There is a reason why you can't seem to let certain things go and whether you believe it or not you know exactly why.  Being willing to surrender everything you have ever felt, thought, or did to God. He has the master plan for your life. Know that if you cut it off, that He has a much more reliable life source to connect you to.(Matthew 3:10,15)

 *Cry out to God. As persistent as you are in keeping that mentality, that desire, that physical attraction  to the ungodly, you have to be that much more persistent in crying out to God to uproot that -- that has taken root in your daily life. Learn how to say Yes to the Lord more often and no to personal ambitions that keep you questioning Gods Sovereignty.( Jonah 2:2, Psalms 34:6, Psalms 120:1)

*Trust God, stubborn people trust in his or her own abilities. In order to disarm your self from stubbornness you must begin to put your unwavering confidence in Gods ability to provide for you and sustain you. (Proverbs 3:8)

*There is liberty through the Word of God. Stubborn people function in there own doctrine. Self doctrine is more restricting and has limitations. Gods Word produces limitless possibilities for an abundant life. Stubbornness keeps you imprisoned; the only way to free yourself is releasing yourself into the custody of Gods Word. (Romans 7:23) Stubbornness can keep you out of so many blessed opportunities and keep God's Word from taking root and producing in your life.

If things are not working for you, stubbornness could be at the root.

Apostle Nyjah Newton